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Originally Posted by Kaylin032 View Post
The GTR is substantially larger. 2 different surgeons have them where I work and I park next to them as much as I can because I assume they have the same inexplicable GTR worship that some people on here have, and therefore won't ding my doors.

The hood is much higher up and I can't see one of those things without being amused and amazed by how big they are. I'd think the length/width is comparable to a Ford Excursion.

I can't imagine how they could feel more nimble than a 3.

Width might be comparable to the excursion but definitely not the length (can't tell if you are being sarcastic ) They definitely are big cars and that was the thing that I noticed the most. The m3 just felt much more toss-able and nimble. part of that is probably the seating position, size of the windows, and the shorter length of the hood on the m3, but part is also the weight i believe. Don't let this feeling i was getting of the m3 being more nimble be mistaken for me saying the m3 had better handling. The GTR was amazing on the back roads in terms of grip and speed through turns and would destroy the m3 on a track. at the end of the day the m3 was more carefree, and fun around town. Part of this was probably the better visibility you get out of the m3 too, which put me more at ease.
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