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I'm just here for the turbo

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Originally Posted by Nebo335 View Post
I raced a guy in an 07 STi ( He claims he was running 330hp at the crank) with a Turboback exhaust, blow off valve, air intake and ECU program and I beat him pretty bad and I'm stock (I'm about to order proceed now). Also this is from a rolling start. My last car was a modified WRX Sti, and the reason for the bad beat is because WRX and WRX STi, really does not have a very good top end at all. Bottom end on the subies are very good but not better than the 335. After the middle of my third gear I started to pull away. I could not believe how bad I beat him I can't imagine what the turbo tuner or for that matter proceed will do to the subie. From a 40mph roll, you will walk him.
330hp at the crank with a turboback AND a tune? That sucks. OTS Cobb AccessPort gets you to about 350hp/380tq.
Intakes and BOVs do nothing and can actually hurt performance if not tuned for them.
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