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Administration Question

I am planing to do a large DIY regarding the upgrading of a
2009 Center Console cover to Carbon Fiber for a M3 E-93
Vert. They don't make such a piece for a Vert so I customized
a vendor piece. At the same time I have done the Shifter
and Hand brake Boot upgrade. The project is now complete.
(1) I have narrowed down my detailed instruction picture
to "only" 40. Pics are 72 ppi 900x600 and adjusted for Web
viewing to about 600 KB each.
(2) Since I often lose internet connection due to ATT line
interruption and I am a slow typist , I was planing on doing the Thread in Phases . Would doing it in Phases on threads
be acceptable ? Can you combine or otherwise link the threads together so viewing would be easier for members ?
(3) I would do direct pic posting as opposed to a PhotoBucket approach
(4) i plan to do a couple of "tests" here for text between picture planing.

Respectfully Submitted for your consideration

Bill ( aka Bully--because we have a french Bulldog)