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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
I see. I suppose answering with a confused emotion could be interpreted in different ways (such as, hey dude, why are you answering a question asked of me?), but responding by deleting a thread without explanation does makes me wonder.

I also don't get the request to have you delete this thread. If a customer is being unreasonable, chances are that will become evident through his/her behaviour, the more he/she expresses him/herself. Asking for a delete raises the suspicion there's something to hide, even if there isn't.

I have to deal with members of the public in my job, and dealing with people I perceive to be unreasonable is definitely not my favorite activity, to put it mildy.... I'm.not saying I'm great at it or anything but I find, if I'm transparent, eventually people see what's going on. And then the unreasonable person looks worse (usually by his own doing) and I end up looking like the cool, level-headed one. And then I don't have to put energy into it anymore. At least that's been my experience.
You understand the points I am trying to make