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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
The emoticon is an extension of what formed my opinion, not the sole basis. If he had just quoted me $1450, and another member asks if the promo price is the same as website price of $1300, to which I respond "same price", how is he confused as to why I would supply such an answer? isn't it the same price? $1300 + shipping/tax (whatever that extra $150 consists of).

As with the other members who don't agree with me, I respect your opinion. We all have our own.
Maybe he was tired when he read it, or maybe he simply didn't remember who you were.

I get so many people PMing me and asking a variety of questions (from wheel fitments to n54 question [I used to have a heavily modified 335] to track questions to etc etc etc), I don't remember people's usernames; there's just far too many

I highly doubt vendors who get dozens of PMs daily can remember each and every member. He might have simply forgotten who you were and the price he gave you so he got confused.
Is confusion a crime?