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Originally Posted by ward View Post
how often do you have to change the oil on the honda with it's 4 qt capacity?

I'd bet it's at least twice as often, and what's your time worth to drop your car off at the shop an extra time
the cost/interval determinant is not the vehicle make, rather the type of oil/filter used.
i perform my own oil changes for all my cars, honda or bmw. filters are about the same, oil is the same by volume. my e90 uses approx. 2 extra qts., so it cost a bit more. only a bit.

but, lets leave honda out of this discussion.

the problem with the new 'g', in my opinion, is what i consider a flawed design. too much stroke to achieve displacement. too much displacement for a v6 layout. i suspect these engines will be short lived if tuned beyond stock.

plus the overall design seems out of whack. again, my opinion.

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