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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
The emoticon is an extension of what formed my opinion, not the sole basis. If he had just quoted me $1450, and another member asks if the promo price is the same as website price of $1300, to which I respond "same price", how is he confused as to why I would supply such an answer? isn't it the same price? $1300 + shipping/tax (whatever that extra $150 consists of).

As with the other members who don't agree with me, I respect your opinion. We all have our own.

He may have been confused maybe cause YOU are the one who quoted the price? what do you have to do w/ PY speed to be responding to anything re: money to/from PYspeed??. He can charge whatever he wants, thats' the beauty of a business. whatever, good luck w/ your rant! I hope they refund you the money you never spent!