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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
You didn't see the thread because he deleted it!

He didn't use the word liar, but the implication was inferred via the use of the emoticon in response to my post.

Sequence of events:
1) I PM Sean asking for quote. He responds $1450
2) The next day, another forum member posts on the thread "Is the promo price the same price as what's on your website"
3) I respond within the thread "same price"

** Note that my response of "same price" is purely objective. I get quoted a price of $1450. Website price is $1300. So I assume $1300 + $150 shipping.

4) Sean responds to my "same price" response with

** This is what I perceived as him calling BS to my answer. How is my answer BS? the so-called promo price IS the same as the website price. In fact, the price quoted to me is higher than the website price. Of course, I want to protect my character. If I don't respond to his response, it could be perceived that I am trying to dissuade potential customers. I was just answering the question. I think his response of was his way to make other readers think that the promo price is actually lower than the website price. Of course, when you list something as "promo" price, a potential customer thinks they will get sold something that's less than what's posted on the website. I don't think he liked the fact that I said the promo price = website price. That makes the thread's offer of promo price not really look like much of a promo, and so he tried to make me look bad by saying he's confused as to why I would say the promo price is the website price. It was handled poorly on his part. If in fact the website price IS the promo price, he could have responded as such on the thread. Instead he's implying I'm either confused, lieing, or BS'ing with my answer. Whatever he or anyone wants to call it, it's not appreciated when I am trying to help out other forum members by answering honestly and having him come back the way he did. So, to answer your question he did't use the word liar. He used . You can interpret that however which way you want to, but I did not take that as a positive response from him. i.e that I don't know what I'm talking about

5) I respond saying something to the effect asking why he's implying that I'm BS'ing when in fact I have his PM quoting me $1450 and his website lists a price of $1300.

This was when he deleted the thread.

WOW!! You really are going to an extreme, no?? Alot of time on your hands as well. Your basing all this off posting an emoticon.?? When in actuality, you really have no say to begin with??

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Sorry bro, I don't read into detail in non-technical threads. I just skim for entertainment and bits of info :P

So wait, you actually didn't spend any money buying anything?
Damn, I rarely even take the time to put feedback if I spend money on something lol, let alone write multiple posts if I didn't actually lose money.

I've never dealt with Sean@PY, but I have dealt with the company as a whole in the past and never had a complaint. Though I didn't buy anything big/expensive.

Arkym in general, from what I've heard, isn't the best place to get parts from. So I can understand if (I'm saying if) Arkym may have screwed them over with pricing or something.

and to this part:

I can't explain it, but one could simply say bad luck, who knows. Sorry but I highly doubt you're anyone special.... I'm not in the parts business so I cannot relate to how things go on, but not getting the best deal and not getting the best of this or that isn't enough (in my opinion) to start a debate.

Sorry bro, but the fact that you didn't actually lose any money.... makes me quite shocked at all this.

BMW Fanatac who actually got a defected hood... now that's a different story.

Also, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's against forum rules to put a price in vendor threads (or something like that). So maybe that's why the thread was deleted?

I highly doubt PYSpeed was like "omg we need to threw this guy over"

I think you're escalating something that shouldn't be; but then again I don't know the whole story so who knows. All I know (Correct me if I'm wrong) is you didn't actually order anything and you didn't lose any money....

I don't think most of us are. Sorry, maybe it's best if you explained it more thoroughly with any anger/hate withheld.

So wait, someone implies (based on your assumption of what he meant) something and you freak out like this?

If the site lists 1300, then 1450 is a fair quote.

you do know that this: means confused right?

How does = calling BS?

Not really... it means "huh?" "confusion" "I'm not sure what you mean"

How does = him calling you a liar or BSing or anything negative?

Did you seriously start this thread and go through all this because of a emoticon? Really? I mean, I know you're a new member who only joined a few months ago... but man... come on...

(if you noticed, I wrote my response in parts and edited and came back, so read it however you want)