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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Sorry bro, I don't read into detail in non-technical threads. I just skim for entertainment and bits of info :P

So wait, you actually didn't spend any money buying anything?
Damn, I rarely even take the time to put feedback if I spend money on something lol, let alone write multiple posts if I didn't actually lose money.

I've never dealt with Sean@PY, but I have dealt with the company as a whole in the past and never had a complaint. Though I didn't buy anything big/expensive.

Arkym in general, from what I've heard, isn't the best place to get parts from. So I can understand if (I'm saying if) Arkym may have screwed them over with pricing or something.

and to this part:

I can't explain it, but one could simply say bad luck, who knows. Sorry but I highly doubt you're anyone special.... I'm not in the parts business so I cannot relate to how things go on, but not getting the best deal and not getting the best of this or that isn't enough (in my opinion) to start a debate.

Sorry bro, but the fact that you didn't actually lose any money.... makes me quite shocked at all this.

BMW Fanatac who actually got a defected hood... now that's a different story.

Also, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's against forum rules to put a price in vendor threads (or something like that). So maybe that's why the thread was deleted?

I highly doubt PYSpeed was like "omg we need to threw this guy over"

I think you're escalating something that shouldn't be; but then again I don't know the whole story so who knows. All I know (Correct me if I'm wrong) is you didn't actually order anything and you didn't lose any money....

I don't think most of us are. Sorry, maybe it's best if you explained it more thoroughly with any anger/hate withheld.

So wait, someone implies (based on your assumption of what he meant) something and you freak out like this?

If the site lists 1300, then 1450 is a fair quote.

you do know that this: means confused right?

How does = calling BS?

Not really... it means "huh?" "confusion" "I'm not sure what you mean"

How does = him calling you a liar or BSing or anything negative?

Did you seriously start this thread and go through all this because of a emoticon? Really? I mean, I know you're a new member who only joined a few months ago... but man... come on...

(if you noticed, I wrote my response in parts and edited and came back, so read it however you want)
how can he be confused by my answer when he just quoted me?

And I'm not freaking out about this. The point of this thread is to make other members aware of what, IMO, are shady business practices.

I started going into more and more detail because it seems some of the later posts are coming from people who are not reading the details. They are reading bits and pieces, adding their $0.02, and so I'm going into more detail to explain to them what's going on.