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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post

So wait, you actually didn't spend any money buying anything?

Sorry bro, but the fact that you didn't actually lose any money.... makes me quite shocked at all this.

Also, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's against forum rules to put a price in vendor threads (or something like that). So maybe that's why the thread was deleted?

I highly doubt PYSpeed was like "omg we need to threw this guy over"

I think you're escalating something that shouldn't be; but then again I don't know the whole story so who knows. All I know (Correct me if I'm wrong) is you didn't actually order anything and you didn't lose any money....

I don't think most of us are. Sorry, maybe it's best if you explained it more thoroughly with any anger/hate withheld.

So wait, someone implies (based on your assumption of what he meant) something and you freak out like this?

If the site lists 1300, then 1450 is a fair quote.

you do know that this: means confused right?

How does = calling BS?

Not really... it means "huh?" "confusion" "I'm not sure what you mean"

How does = him calling you a liar or BSing or anything negative?

Did you seriously start this thread and go through all this because of a emoticon? Really? I mean, I know you're a new member who only joined a few months ago... but man... come on...

Couldn't have responded any better! LOL

Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
You're not understanding the story, that's OK. I guess you don't see the shadiness involved here. If you feel he's being fair, more power to you. He will gladly accept your business. For the others that do understand what I'm trying to say, you get it.

In the end, buyer beware.
Sorry, but I'm not understanding the story because it simply isn't shady... Esp since you brought up the whole emoticon debate

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