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Originally Posted by WAHHKAOOM3 View Post
You got quoted a decent price in my point of view.

MSRP = $1299
Tax (according to Pyspeed's location) = 8.375%
Shipping (according to Pyspeed's website shipped to a random norcal zip code) = $175
Total = $1582.79 Webprice
Discount = $132

He might of deleted the thread because posting prices causes debate. I totally respect most of the vendors when I get a quoted price. I personally don't see a reason for them to explain anything. Prices for you and I are all different. He or she might have bought a lot of items. Or it just could be that different promotions were running at different times.

I give up. You're not getting the point either. I'm not sure how many times I have to say it's beyond the pricing thing. But a few of you are focused solely on the price. See my quote below

Are you not seeing the part where he's basically implying that I'm a liar?

Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
The 3rd, and most minor point (to me) is the difference in price quoted between myself and the other forum members.