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Originally Posted by bbs_lm View Post
Bought a set of kw v3 from PYSPEED, nobody beats their price. But I do agree quote different people different price is not a good practice. Maybe Sean can clear up why?
There are other vendors who beat their prices quite regularly. I have previously asked for quotes from him, and his quotes tend to hover on the higher side, close to MSRP.

Regarding quoting different people different prices, there are reasons, I agree, as other members have posted to account for different price quotes. One common one would be a long-time customer, who would probably get a lower quoted price.

But a few of you are still missing the main point here: What was Sean's intention/rationale for claiming BS when I said that his promo price is the same as his website price? I take that as an attack on my character. That was an objective answer on my part. I was just stating the facts. There was no need for him to call BS to that answer. Not only is that offensive to a prospective customer, but it's quite shady to basically call me a liar so that it doesn't look like his "promo" price is in fact not a promo price. It's the same price as that listed on PYSPeed's website!

The 2nd point is why does he need to delete the thread?

The 3rd, and most minor point (to me) is the difference in price quoted between myself and the other forum members.