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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I don't think getting quoted a different price than someone else is bad rep etc.

There are various factors.... if they had a buyer cancel on them and they were stuck with it, or who knows

I'm not sure what tax is up there, but if an item costs $1300, then tax here in SoCal would be over $110.
Dude, read the thread again. You're missing the point here. He's talking around it again. Getting quoted a different price is not the main issue here. In fact, that's a minor issue.

edit: If a buyer did cancel on them, explain to me why *I* would have to be the unfortunate customer to take the grunt of that, while a few other members were all quoted $1300. The equitable thing to do would be to spread that cost across all customers.

Originally Posted by View Post
I apologize you feel the price you received was not as you had hoped. We at PYSpeed always strives to offer the best prices and great customer service; although, sometimes we are constrained to stay within pricing structures due to contracts with vendors that also purchase from us. Also, prices will fluctuate based on manufacturer specials from time to time depending on stock. PYSpeed also price matches for all our products.=)
If you have any issues or concerns we would like to hear from you.

For the quickest response, please call us toll free at 866-207-3722 and we will help you to our best ability.


OK, now that I got that out of the way, nice of you to try and talk around the issue again. You've obviously chosen to address certain things and avoid other issues. Keep it up, buddy. You're just digging a deeper hole for your reputation.

Please stop insulting everyone's intelligence here. Either address all issues or none at all. I don't need any of this politically correct mumbo jumbo you are throwing my way.

If you again need me to address what the issues are:

1) Why you inferred I was BS'ing when I answered another forum member's question if the promo price is the same as your website price. I said it was, and it was. Please don't insult my intelligence by trying to make me look like the fool here.

2) Why you decided to delete the thread altogether when YOUR BS was called out. You could have simply addressed the issue on the original thread instead of deleting it and then creating a new sale thread

3) Why you asked your boss to contact my friend to have me delete this feedback thread.

If you'd like I have our PM's. I can post them if you'd like.

PS: There's a big difference in getting quoted a price "I hope for" - in your words versus getting quoted a fair price in which I don't feel like I'm getting rammed up the ass. To Persian, there are other forum members who have PM'ed me to let me know they were quoted @ $1300 shipped, all were out of state.

Shady, that's all I have to say. If you feel comfortable giving your money to PYSpeed, please go ahead as it's your money, but I never will. I've lost trust.

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