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Originally Posted by Razzy View Post
I'm talking about the poser that buys a race replica bike for show and looks. Pretty much all the shallow reasons. You don't have to drag knee or track to be a rider but that is what the primary use of these bikes is. Wanna cruise, go buy a cruiser.

There is a time and place for things. You don't have to ride hard in the city but using a race rep on the track is where it was bred and meant to be.

I find it amusing you are saying all this. You know as well as I do that you don't track your bike. Hell you don't even wear all your gear. Not surpsied you are in defence of the "buy a litre bike to cruise" crowd. Again it's each to their own, your money and you can do what you like but don't try and tell me that the chump on route to his local starbucks is going to fully utilize his sportbike. Lol what a joke.
every single sport bike is capable of doing amazing things.

people don't RIDE them 100% of the time to do amazing things.

and people don't BUY them 100% of the time for them to do amazing things.

you on bath salts !?!?