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World's First Orion V4 Angel Eyes!

Hello Everyone!

Link to detailed pics of the lights:-

And now:-

I hope this is right section for this. About time to introduce myself. Bought an 08 MR E92 M3 three months ago. Hands down the best machine ever made. It really is an ultimate driving experience. Just like everyone else here, I cannot find enough excuses to drive it! Did some cosmetic mods. Perfomance mods in near future! All the small mods I did are in my sig

Highlight of the car is the Brand new angel eyes from Umnitza. Hands down the best angel eyes! Better than 2012 BMW's Imo. Very bright during day. U have to see it in person though. Camera tries but can't capture the perfection of these lights.

As everyone knows, OSS in Miami and Lightmodz in NJ gets their angel eyes from Umnitza in Concord, CA. So, I went their last saturday to get the regular Orion V2's. Matt, the owner (Great Guy) told me that they are out of V2's but he has one and only set of new V4's that runs another $100. He will not have these in stock till end of august again. Please check with him though if he has them earlier.

To see the real difference, you would need to look at both cars in person. Matt showed me both eyes in his shop and these r brighter. According to Matt, they also come with a self diming auto mode for night which adjusts itself to the right amount of light.

Thanks to following people:-

Klassen wheels - tmntmn (Tan Nyugen)!!
Angel Eyes - Matt at Umnitza!!
WeissLicht white full interior & white Turn signal kit - Matt at Umnitza!!
Grille/Gill/Reflectors - Bobby at Pyspeed!!
Emblems & Badge - Ebay! lol.
Auto Butler sealant - Manny my boy at Hyundai!
Pics - Jassi my awesome co-worker!

The only thing I am really debating is to lower it or not. It looks nice to me in person but sometimes I feel its kind of high. Front for sure! The prob is I always have people in my car and right now there is no rubbing. Maybe KW sleeves are the best option.

Hope you guys like the car and pics. I am really more of a reader than poster but when buying something here on forums, its better to have some rep I guess. So I decided to introduce myself. Thanks again guys for reading the whole thing if u did. Lol! On to pics

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Thanks guys!
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