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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
True, I had my rationale for selling my Honda as well. But later regretted it when I started to travel more for work. I brought it up to you as food for thought. It may be something you want to consider in your decision making process. You don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore...
Luckily my work situation is static, just a standard commute every day. But, the commute can be a bit rough, which is why I justified keeping a DD in the first place. I've been considering taking the M3 to work more often, but that means investing in another "set" of car seats, as I typically pick up my daughter from school. I just cringe at the thought of buying yet another car seat(s)!

Selling the Honda would mean an easy/quick $10K towards the F80 The alternative is keep it for 3 years, get $5K or less out of it at that time, and maybe have to dump some $$ into it for a major repair. I haven't absolutely convinced myself to sell it soon, just something has been at the top of my mind for the past few months.