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Originally Posted by ucla bruin View Post
Thanks for sharing. I applaud you for not letting this blow away in the wind.

They might try to convince you to take down the thread with inventives. (Or even just have the mod do it since they're a paying vendor). I've heard of other second-hand accounts of how they're run and recent dealings so I can't say I'm all that surprised. Please keep us updated.
First and foremost, I can't be bought to take down this thread. Period.

Second, he already has gone to an administrator to complain about a post I put on his new sale thread. My post consisted of a single emoticon. LOL. I'm not sure if I hurt his feelings, but he complained, which led to a warning and 10 point infraction from an administrator with a warning of "Do not troll". The administrator said I can leave feedback via this subforum (which I had already done before the admin suggested it). Being that the administrator is the one who recommended this, I doubt PYSpeed has the ability to have an admin take down this thread, and for this reason, I think that is why someone else within PYSpeed asked my friend to ask me to take down this thread.