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Originally Posted by ThatGuyMikee View Post
^^ any piks of how you did it?

deciding if i shiuld cut the oem muffler and do the od or just delete the whole muffler and do delete pipes

just look under the car. Cut the pipes right as they enter the muffler and you will then just need 2 straight sections. Any competent muffler shop can do it in no time. It really does sound great. The e39 m4 guys have been doing it forever so I figured it would sound great. I have a video somewhere.

As for the sound::

I switch back and forth sometimes from my gintani race. It's more throatier than the gintani, but the Gintani drones like crazy and amazingly the straight pipes don't. It's def loud, but the sound is behind the car and not beating you inside of it.