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Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
Unless I am missing something, OP does not have a ZCP M3 so why are people using that to say that everything is fine? It would appear that helpful feedback for the OP would consist of how people feel about a NON-ZCP M3 and what they did to improve (if anything).
It doesn't matter whether it's ZCP really. My car is not ZCP. An EDC equipped car doesn't have significant body roll on sport or normal modes, but does on comfort. A non-EDC car does not have significant body roll. The only way a E9X M3 has much body roll is if you (1) have EDC AND (2) have it on comfort.

And I consider myself to be very picky about suspensions and handling, these cars seriously have lower body roll than almost every performance car out there.

Regarding modding it up: some people have said sway bars, I said coilovers. IMO, if you think the stock setup has lots of body roll you need some very stiff dampers/springs.