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Honest question for Obama supporters

Believe it or not, I'm not trying to throw gasoline on the fire, I respectfully am seeking honest, thoughtful and considered answers, hopefully as civil in tone as possible.

Let say, for the sake of discussion, that Obama wins in November and gets re-elected.

If you are an Obama supporter, and wish for this to come true, what is your expectation of what will happen next?
Not what you hope to see happen in an ideal scenario, but what you realistically expect to see unfold, given what we've seen so far.

I'm curious because I've often heard pro-Obama supporters, who are quick to use the defense of "congress is gridlocked, that's why you havent seen the degree of postive changes that were promised".

Assuming that premise is correct, and Obama wins a second term, do you expect that such a situation will be suddenly cured, or do you think it's likely that the right-leaning members of congress will be even more bent out of shape than ever ? Or, do you think there will be an overwhelming democratic congressional majority and the problem will be at least partially mitigated that way?

History has given rise to a school of thought which suggests that incumbents (of both parties), eager to get re-elected, tend to try and maintain a more moderate course until their second term. After that, they cannot get re-elected, so then legislative proposals in the last 4 years tend to drift more towards their true ideological positions. If that does happen, then would that not fuel even more congressional gridlock? Perhaps the first term will look downright productive compared to the second.

Remember, I'm not asking if you think it would be desirable if such a thing were to happen (I know the answer to that), I'm asking if you've considered that it's likely or possible that such a thing will happen.