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Originally Posted by vinniechin View Post
This really passes emissions and no CEL?
in your case, since NJ has similar emissions test to MA, where they do visual inspection and plug it into the obdII port, then yes, it will pass for you

Originally Posted by slicer View Post
Your state must not test the actual gas coming out of the exhaust. My understanding is that in CA they do (haven't had to do it). The system will not pass an emission test that actually tests the exhaust gas. It may pass a visual and "code" inspection but that's it. I would not advertise that it will pass emissions if I were you.
i didn't know california did that. in MA and other east coast states, they simply hook up the cars obdii port to a state inspection machine and the machine determines whether it passes or not. mine passed this test. not sure what else to tell you.