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One more thing.
I have Harbor Freight torque wrench (I piad like 15 dollars for it) but being a snob, I wanted to have "better one" so I bought the Brownline digital torque wrench (the one our vendor is selling right now).

Guess what, I only use HF torque wrench. The reason is:
1. HF wrench is a lot smaller and BL wrench is really big.
2. HF wrench make clicking noise and stops for a sec when reach the torque limit vs. BL wrench beeps but if you don't stop right that second, it'll keep going. So you really have to stop it when you hear the beep.

I think Brownline is really designed more very precise work (engine etc.) but for wheels, I really think you can't beat the 10-20 dollars HF torque wrench.

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