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Tell me what you did about no car between ED and re-delivery

I think this is a pretty common scenario, so I'm open to all feedback.

I already did ED for my current E92 M3 last October. Loved every minute of it, and even did PCD. I can't wait to go back and do it again! At the time, I had my daily driver Honda Accord (paid for/not traded in) that I drove while waiting on re-delivery. I still drive this car all the time.

I want to go back to Europe in summer of 2015 to pick up a MY2016 F80 M3. Far away, I know.. but these things take planning. So, right now I have my Accord, which I'm considering selling. Why? Well, since I don't typically drive my M3 to work, I'm not driving it nearly as much as I'd like. I have a small daughter, and a son on the way, so there is the car seat situation. Specifically, I'm not going to put 6 car seats across three cars (wife's, Accord, M3) because that is overkill/ridiculous. So, I'm thinking about moving to my E92 M3 as a daily, and eventually getting the F80 to be an ideal family hauler.

I'm considering selling my '06 Accord soon, as it's still in good shape, lowish miles (<80K) and currently needs zero repair or maintenance. In other words, I can probably get decent money for it and that will mean I can pay off my current M3 even faster. With that plan, I would daily driving the M3, but absolutely would need to trade/sell it before I get an F80 via ED.

I know from experience that it is 8-9 weeks after dropoff to PDC pickup. I also know some of you rent cheap cars during that time frame. That could be almost $2K I think, which seems like a lot of money down the drain. I've also considered buying a beater for <$5K and just reselling. But that sounds like a bit of a hassle with the titling/taxes/re-selling/etc. Any ideas, based on your own experience?