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Originally Posted by dave2u View Post
Just updated my 10.2011 2012 E93 M3 with the 2012 NA update. I DID NOT need an FSC code for this update-- the starting version was 2011i.
Very good. I have an Oct 2011 MY2012 as well, so I guess chances are good I won't need the FSC.

Someone please remind me... assume I have a 32GB thumb drive, I'll download the ISOs, open up the first ISO/disc, drag the two files to the root directory USB and plug it in. I'll need to keep the car running the whole time? Can I turn it off, go inside to load Disc 2, and come back later? How long is the entire process, start to finish?

I may just use three DL-DVD+R discs instead if it is easier. So how long would that take. I hate to have the car idling for 2 hours, and I don't have a trickle charger.