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List of annoying statements?

"The 335i is way too expensive." - Yup, especially when it matches the performance of an 80k RS4, Cayman S, etc. for half the price.

"The 335i overheats all the time and has engine issues" - If 20 documented cases of people beating the shit out of their cars at the track counts as "all the time", sure.

"Nissan is more reliable than BMW" - Says who? Your precious JD Power? Actually JD Power ranks Nissan and BMW basically the same recently, so there goes that argument. Also JD Power, and any reliability statistic for that matter, is the biggest crock of shit statistic in the world. Anyone with half a brain would know this.

"All BMW Drivers are pricks". Okay buddy. Sure. I see more Toyota Corollas going 40mph in the left lane on the highway than I see BMW's in total. Let alone douchebag BMW's. There are douchebags to every car, and anyone that says this deserves to have their brain removed and shoved up their ass, because that's all its worth anyway.

"BMW Interiors are so ugly and cold" - Actually I think the term is simple and elegant, without a myriad of confusing buttons and useless weight-adding technology that Audi, Lexus, and Nissan love to shove in their cluttered interiors. Apparently, to these people, more buttons = better interior. MORE BUTTONS! HERE WE GO BUTTONS! BUTTONS ARE KEWL! MY CAR LOOKS LIKE A JET WITH ALL THESE BUTTONS! I CANT WAIT TO PRESS BUTTONS WHEN I GET IN MY CAR, JUST LIKE A VIDEOGAME! THIS CAR COMPANY SPENT MORE R&D ENGINEERING THEIR INTERIOR BUTTONS THAN THEY DID ON THEIR SUSPENSION!

"Car A looks better than Car B" - I love it when people state their opinions as fact. When it comes to looks everyone has their own opinions. It amazes me that people don't even realize this, and continue to bicker for hours and hours on which car looks better.

Ill think of more later but those are the main ones that are completely just stupid.

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