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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Nice video. How much run off is there?

I'd like to see the F30 front suspension. I think they've ditched the lower wishbone and is now using a multi-link setup.
Runoff at BFR is pretty good except in the "autocross" section after turn 4, where it's easy to hit stuff driver's right if you go 4 off.

Front suspension is very similar to the E90 (almost identical, actually). The E90 ditched the "wishbone" LCA with one inboard and outboard ball joint and one trailing bushing mounted directly to the chassis in favor of a two-link setup that connects exclusively to the front subframe with two lower ball joints on the knuckle. This design pushes the pivot point of the knuckle further toward (and actually slightly outboard in some cases) the front tire centerline, which is one of the reasons our cars seem to be a little easier on front tires and need a little less camber in spite of being a lot heavier than cars carrying the traditional McStrut knuckle design on E46 and earlier cars.

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