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Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
Point taken.
Agreed - OBD disabled at ignition off might be a little more difficult.
It is. The kind of OBD you are referring to is done via CAN bus (there are also other signal on the OBD connector). Most control units are connected to this bus with a two-wire connection, as well as the OBD port. You obviously cannot disable the CAN bus completely because you could not even unlock the car without it. So, there would have to be a cutoff relais which can disable the OBD port selectively. There is no hardware of that sort, just two pins of the OBD port are connected to the CAN bus.

Originally Posted by Tony B View Post
But given that variable brightness angel eyes and variable sensitivity adaptive headlights are not normally configurable items, is this any more difficult?
Yes. There are only two types of configurable "parameters":

1. Parameters that are user-changeable via an I-Drive menu or console setting.
2. Parameters that are configurable only via coding. This is a limited set of predefined values that can be altered, auto-locking is not among them, while your other examples are.

If you want a functionality that is in neither subset, you would have to introduce them by changing the program of the control unit in question - this is very much harder than changing the value of a parameter in a text file and feeding it to the unit.