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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
just the opposite.

some people are quite aware of what their sportbikes are capable of and are quite aware of what they can do with them.

you're implying that it's sad that someone that owns a sportbike isn't riding it to it's fullest capabilities while going to get Starbucks....

so if "person X" doesn't lean his bike, drag knee and hit 100mph in less than 7 seconds while going to get Starbucks, that is sad and pathetic !?!?

that's openly retarded....
Agree with you to some extent.

Look at all the M3 drivers that DD their cars. Are they idiots for driving the car on the street despite it being much more capable on the track?

I revert back to my early comment in this thread. People that are grouchy about sport bike guys buying them just to look "cool" should be happy... as without these people the market for bikes and aftermarket support wouldn't be what is actually is.

To each their own. Enjoy your riding style and be safe.
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