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Bent rim - replace or repair?

Hello all.

Frequent lurker, rare poster... thought I'd pick the resident expert brains.

I recently had my tires balanced, and the shop said that one of my rear wheels is bent. I didn't see the damage, and I wouldn't know how to grade its severity, but I'm looking to repair or replace it. I have a 2011 M3 ZCP.

My options are: (1) have it repaired; (2) grovel at the local dealers for the best deal they can get me for a new one; (3) try to get a used replacement wheel (or set) from one of the various e9x forums online (see this post; (4) look for a refurbished one from a wheel refurbishing shop. I'm too attached to the ZCP wheels to replace the entire set with alternatives. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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