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Originally Posted by bmwSC8 View Post
Wow congrats on the supercharger! Like I said, I can't hang with you guys. This is my first M, and it has more hp than both my E30 and E46 combined haha. When I wanted to go for Melbourne Red, there was no doubt I would change to the BMW black gloss grills. Now that I've got a Sparkling Graphite, it's just such a classy color combo that I'm going to go with that OEM angle.

Was watching Chasing Classic Cars, and they had a gunmetal on tobacco leather Ferrari 275 Lusso. It looked absolutely epic.

I can't help but wonder what Sparkling Graphite would look like with the Cinnamon leather from the E46 M3. I think once my interior wears down enough, I'll experiment with dying it Cinnamon. I know stock M3's will be worth them most in the future, but interiors are easy enough to swap.

This would look biblical with a clean S.graph exterior :

Anyone have a spare interior they want to donate to the cause?
to each his own taste but I prefere by far your Bamboo interior, I would trade my Fox red in a heartbeat for that color!!