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Originally Posted by bmwSC8 View Post
This was literally the only other color that I'd pick besides MR or Individual. The only downside is that the CF parts/roof don't show as much, but I'm ok with that.

Hi Alex, I'm very familiar with your car. That's actually what convinced me to pull the trigger on this particular car!

As such, our cars will be quite similar
- Splitters already on the way. As you can see, reflectors have already been replaced
- I would absolutely love to get ZCP wheels, but leave it silver. Also toying around with the idea of BBS LM's way down the road.
- Leaving all the chrome on the car. I know, I know, some people think that's heresy. Personally, I think it provides a nice contrast and highlights the kidney grills.
- FL taillights.

Honestly, that's about it. Mostly cosmetic mods as you can see. That's how it always starts and goes down hill from there

Forgot to mention, this car was owned by a physician before. It has 60k miles, but looks absolutely MINT on the outside
lol Me to I tought at first that I would've prefered more contrast between the paint and the cf roof but finally after I putted the splitters and spoiler I'm really happy that it blends with the paint, I think it look a bit less out of place then on most colors. As for the ZCP's, great choice, I also think that one day I'll go with a more classic look with silver ZCPs and chrome accents, I'll just wait when I'll be in need of changes, you know how it is, I think they call that the mod bug!

Don't forget to update us with pics of your mods specially if you go with the ZCPs in silver, oh and speaking of mod bug, I ordered a supercharger last week!!

Good luck with the project!