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Originally Posted by speedfreak81 View Post
How would you know? Have you seen a bunch of stock LS2 cars on the dyno? Go spend some time over at LS2 was underrated by GM.....just like the 335i is underrated by BMW....335s routinely dyno what 280hp to the wheels stock, that would mean that there is only a 6.5% drivetrain loss in your car?

There are MANY LS2 cars that dyno 340-350 on a regular basis, I've seen some in the mid-high 350s.
I know this is kinda off-topic so I apologize for the semi hijack here, but do car companies purposely underrate engines for insurance reasons (i.e. if you rate the 335i at 300HP, then you get a slight break on premiums compared to a car with like 325HP?) I always wondered about that.