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Feature Coding by Benvo w/ Euro Hard Brake Flash

Covered on a lot of threads, but I can re-iterate what everyone has said about Mike Benvo's coding. It was super-convenient (can be run from a Mac computer for non-PC ppl like me) and he is a responsive, no-nonsense guy who knows exactly what he's doing.

In addition to doing the typical stuff (euro MDM, headlights, efficient dynamics, etc), what was really cool is that he took extra time to figure out the Euro hard braking feature (the brake lights flash rapidly upon hard braking when ABS is engaged, and when come to a complete stop, the hazards come on). There has been a lot of debate in the past that flashing brake lights seen video footage were actually a product of filming/frame rates, but no, it is a real feature enabled in most countries in continental Europe.

Also liked that he checked faults and and reset everything and found some errors with my tune, which was really helpful feedback.

Would highly recommend him.

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