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Awesome experience Coding with Mike Benvo

I as well had coding done to my 2011 M3 E92 yesterday, and couldn't be happier. Seems like a whole new car with a lot of new features. Mike makes the process very easy and friendly, explains and details any questions you may have. This is the list of features coded on my car:

1) Enable DVD in Motion (09 – 12 Cars)
2) Disable iDrive “accept” message on startup
3) Add DSC Off option to MDrive settings
4) Rolling of windows and sunroof up with the key (holding lock)?
5) Folding the mirrors with the key (holding lock)
6) Automatic Unlock when key is removed / car is turned off (no double pull!)
7) Set the sunroof to automatically close when rain is detected
8) Allow the windows to move up and down even with door interruption
9) Allow the wipers to complete their cycle after the car is turned off
10) Factory Angel Eye Brightness Coding! Make it whiter and brighter!
11) Add instantaneous digital MPG to M cars
12) Remove the over optimistic correction to the digital speed display
13) Make the low fuel warning come on earlier or later (useful for M cars)
14) For e9x M3 – Euro MDM mode activation (much better than the US spec)
15) Add a fuel stop suggestion option
16) Engine "Auto Stop" last option set on start up
17) Enable all four front headlights for brights and brights flashing
18) Turn on the Xenons with your Trunk Button (10‐12 models)

Like Longbow64 said he ships you the cable and instructions on how to download software needed to your laptop and remotely connects to it and does all the work like magic haha.

Highly recommend this vendor and encourage anyone out there that wants to make there bmw ownership a greater experience to do it ASAP. No need to be worried about anything going wrong, knows what he's doing and process is pretty fast.