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Hey just to play Diavel's Advocate here, he WAS on an old Yamaha, and could have been a new rider...

I did that my first months of riding many times over, minus the attitude. One time I was so nervous on a left turn that was turning red, I stalled my GS500 'old Suzuki' then got it started, overcompensated with throttle, and binned it right into the opposite street corner.

It takes time for new riders to get comfortable. This was before my club racing days and it took a lot to become a good rider, having never ridden any dirt bikes and having never really driven a manual tranny car before I got my first streetbike. So I was not only learning how to ride, but also how to operate the clutch, shift, etc.

The MSF course I took had us riding 125 Hondas and never above 2nd gear. Take that to the real world with drivers impatiently waiting while you just stalled your bike, and it is an intimidating situation for any new rider.

That being said the attitude doesn't win this guy any medals, as it's important to know one's place in the automotive food chain and know when to keep one's mouth shut.

Just sayin', though, he could just have been a new rider and at least he wasn't on a Hayabusa. Those are the guys to watch out for, because they don't know that they don't know anything, and you can't possibly tell them any different!