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Originally Posted by Razzy View Post
Agreed. Most "Bikers" don't know jack about their bike nor do they even know how to remotely exploit what the bike is capable of doing. They are too busy trying to look cool and their rides consist of going to the local starbucks and back. They have no idea what the sportbike underneath them is capable of and what its underlying purpose is. Quite pathetic and sad. I feel bad for the bike in these kind of cases because it just isn't being ridden as it's supposed to be.
just the opposite.

some people are quite aware of what their sportbikes are capable of and are quite aware of what they can do with them.

you're implying that it's sad that someone that owns a sportbike isn't riding it to it's fullest capabilities while going to get Starbucks....

so if "person X" doesn't lean his bike, drag knee and hit 100mph in less than 7 seconds while going to get Starbucks, that is sad and pathetic !?!?

that's openly retarded....