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Originally Posted by solefald View Post
So this morning I pull up to a light. A car and an SUV in front of me, so I can't see whats in front of them. I'm running super late. Light turns green, 10-15 seconds go by, but no one is moving. I honk. No one is moving. Meanwhile the lane next to me gets an opening, so i switch lanes and proceed. Turns out the other lane is blocked by some douchebag on an old Yamaha, who stalled and could not figure out how to start it up again. I saw him hit the starter button and bike launched forward, because it was still in gear and he was too dumb to hold the clutch when hitting starter button. Hilarious shit.

I pull up to the next light, this dude finally catches on, pulls up next to me and knocks on my front passenger window. I open up and he goes "Try to be less of a cunt next time". I go "Sounds to me like you are the cunt who doesn't know how ride your own bike". Light turns green, he goes "Fuck you, asshole!" tries to take off and stalls the bike again. I almost pissed my pants.

Moral of the story, boys, is that 10 grand and 10 miles don't make you a biker.

Before you jump at me for being an asshole bike hater, i've been riding my entire life, worked at a bike shop for 3 years and I always move over and let a bike pass me, when sharing a lane. I just hate cocky assholes who think that 10 miles they ride on a weekend make them a biker.
Agreed. Most "Bikers" don't know jack about their bike nor do they even know how to remotely exploit what the bike is capable of doing. They are too busy trying to look cool and their rides consist of going to the local starbucks and back. They have no idea what the sportbike underneath them is capable of and what its underlying purpose is. Quite pathetic and sad. I feel bad for the bike in these kind of cases because it just isn't being ridden as it's supposed to be.