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Originally Posted by Sakred View Post
Wow. Bro for reals. I usually get 335 drivers that try to egg me on. One of them got to enjoy my tail lights the other night. His girl kept looking my way when he was doing his speed up and slow down dance. After I accelerated they stopped being annoying. Passenger didn't want to look over anymore either. M3 owners never really bother me in the GTR. Also had some guy in an Audi A4, and a G37 try to race. I just stayed in my lane and didn't acknowledge their attempts to engage me in a speed contest.
Funny it was a GTR egging me on yesterday in my 335 in south OC so it goes both ways. The run was from a dead stop on a road with a 60 mph limit. Even though my 0-60 times are in the mid-3 sec range, the GTR driver didn't use launch control as I presume he thought i was going to be an easy kill. We started @ the same time and I pulled about 10 feet until I shut down at around 70 mph and the GTR kept going. I have an n54 motor w/19psi + meth, LSD with PSS tires. This is not the only GTR I've beat. Being a sleeper has advantages.
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