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Originally Posted by Erhan View Post
I think I saw the most aggressive street racer couple months ago. Audi A4 (old one, like 10-15years old). About 6am on a Saturday morning I'm driving around legal speed on I-5, on my way to a track day. This dude rolls down his window, and there I see him.... wearing a full face helmet

He looked at me couple secs, waiting for me to race I guess? No idea, since I was driving a MINI Cooper (he must know I don't have much power)... Then he gunned, flames coming from his exhaust..

Never ever in my life I saw anyone drive with a helmet on public roads
...honestly, sounds like something I would do lol. I like messing with people like that, I do paintball and airsoft too and I sometimes go to a mall with a friend in full camo.....