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I feel the same way.

On the street, I miss having a stick.
It's just boring to not have much to do... just sitting there. Gas, brake, gas, brake, yawn.

If you want comfort and low work-load, the GTR makes a great DD.
I call it the "M3 I never expected" : good blend of speed and comfort.

But TBH, A manual roadster would be more fun to DD.
I'd love to drive a cobra every day... or a 7... or an elise.
Something that can make a slow boring drive more involved and exciting.

I appreciate the GTR if I'm trying to do a lap.
There's a lot going on, and I appreciate the easy shifting.
I can dig deep into 1st coming out of a turn without any risk of a bad shift.
And the low-workload makes it easy to just focus on the course.
But as a DD, the GTR is a bit yawn inspiring.