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Originally Posted by kerkiraios00 View Post
Thanks for all the input everyone I've gotten a lot of good info but still have to do some more research. All I have as of right now is a miesterschaft exhaust, I def wanna do the x pipe just not sure how crazy loud it will get. I dont understand why you would need meth without running any kind of forced induction system? (sorry ive had subarus all my life) lol That VF 620 s/c def looks sick thought, I wonder if there would be any issues with it after you install it like any future problems motor,tranny or diff?
You should just do as I did last week, skip the bolt-ons and just get a entry level s/c kit, the car wont sound unreasonably loud, will have a lot more power then any FBOs M3 and wont cost that much more then a X-pipe+exhaust+tune+pulley+CAI+meth and at least you're sure to be satisfied with the performance. Ususally I would be more concervative with the mods on a expensive engine like this but it seems like ESS has sold a couple of hundreds of their kits without a single engine failure so that's enough to put me in confidence!