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Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
Well you're right, these EDC kits are a bit more expensive than other brands, but from experience TC Kline makes very, very good kits. I had a set of their coils on my previous M3 E46 and it was amazing.
Thank you, we take great pride in our products.

Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Not disputing the quality and the R&D. I have driven TCK SA & DA setups with the e46M3 as well. They just priced themselves out of the market for this application/solution. I have tried to justify it for myself (Currently using KW Sleeve Overs) and I simply cant
Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
I'm sure the camber plates and springs could be reused if you moved to coilovers. Being able to lower the CG is important with the adjustable ride height.

$400 for springs
$400 for camber plates
$200 for height adjusters
$100 for sway bar collars.

Yep, not sure what the remaining $300 is for.
You're math is just a little off......

This is cut/pasted directly from our website (I've added individual pricing for your convenience below):

Including the following components:

* TC Kline Camber / Caster Adjustable Plates - $495
* 4 Springs in your choice of rates - $389.20
* 2 Spring hats for front springs - $76.40
* 2 Shock shaft sleeves - $6.30
* 2 TC Kline Custom Sway Bar Mounts - $119.90
* 2 Front Coil-over sleeves with spring perches - $170.00
* 2 TC Kline Rear Spring height adjusters - $139.00
* 2 TC Kline Delrin Rear Spring centering spacers $20.40

Total - $1416.20

Kit sells for $ it's $44.20 less than each part being sold seperatley

Here is where our kit differs from some of the others out there.

1) Our kit comes with camber plates, where other kits do not include camber plates. This is a huge factor when you are taking your M to the track. Not only do you get better performance, you save your tires from unnecessary wear due to lack of camber.

2) Our TC Kline camber plates reduces the stack height, and therefore offers the benefit of an extra 1/2 inch of compression travel compared to the stock mounts. I don't know about you, but I will take an extra 1/2 inch of compression travel anytime I'm on the track. The other major benefit is the additional caster angle that you are able to achieve over the stock configuration. Caster angle has a couple of benefits - 1) Increasing high speed braking stability 2) Giving greater camber angles as you turn the wheel. So as you turn into a corner, the camber angle improves for optimum grip and turn-in response.

3) Our springs are a linear, lightweight, high tensile, VVS Alloy spring. The springs are lighter with thinner coils, which also allows for more compression travel because the spring will not bind as easily as some of the thicker springs on the market. Linear spring rates will give you more precise control vs. some others with progressive rates.

We could build an EDC kit that is made cheaper, but that would not be synonymous with our TC Kline name. We strive to build the best products on the market, because you spend alot of money for your M3 and most folks want the best products for their car, so they can use it to their full potential. We use the highest quality material when building our products, and therefore, production costs are not as cheap as competitors products may be. It is not our goal to be the cheapest product on the market, but put products on the market that are of the highest value.

Again, we use all of these products on our cars and spend countless hours testing them before they are released for the consumer. The consumers have asked for this kit and we have supplied, what we feel is, the best on the market.

I hope this has addressed some of your questions and concerns about our kit.