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Damn, that owl must have been huge. It's either that or you must have been going faster than I was coz the impact broke your headlight and dented the hood.

A big brown bird (don't know what kind) hit my right headlight as well last year. I was taking the backroads home going around 40-45 mph. Didn't see the bird coming. Just heard a loud thud on the right side of the car. Got down, saw that it was a big brown bird. The bird was still intact, bleeding, and shaking. Since I don't want anyone running over it, I used my foot and put it aside of the road. I have a pic of it on my old phone. Lemme find my old phone so I could post a pic of the bird. Headlight had some blood stains and a scuff mark. I just hosed it down when I got home and the scuff was removed by a polishing wheel.

Hellaflush? All I could say is "effyo'flush","flushnuff", and Instead of 'illest', I'm calling it "faillest". It's just form over function nowadays...