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Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
Some of us like the idea of keeping EDC.
Exactly why we designed the kit in the first place

Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
Prob 450-600
TC tested this kit at Laguna Seca with R-compound tires, on the streets, and canyon roads in California and the fastest set-up was 350f/600r. Stock is 180/550.

Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
Craig Bimmer magazine has a good article on the TC Kline kits, both EDC and coilovers on a E90 M3.
This is the same car we used to develop our EDC kit, which now has our double adjustables. I have personally driven this car, and it is absolutely amazing with the DA's on there.

Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
I don't think EDC can handle those rates. TCK had some guidance but it was like 350/500 IIRC.
The EDC can 'handle' those rates, but they are not optimal for the fastest way around the track or the most comfortable on the street.

Originally Posted by edwinm3 View Post
You're right. Maybe I'll just do coilovers, I'm tracking this car actually more than the E46 which had TCK's. Stock suspension isnt doing it for me anymore.
Again, for those of you who want to retain your EDC, this is a great kit.....but if you are spending alot of time at the track, our DA's proved to be much quicker than our EDC kit (as it should be).