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Originally Posted by speedfreak81 View Post
I'm a member...there every day. Don't know where you're getting your info from pertaining to turbo size in the GenTT vs. GenTTR.....the TTR uses bigger turbos. Both mount in the same location. Here's a link to the manufacturers web page. TTR Turbo is a god bit bigger. There is a photo that shows them side by side.
The GenTT kit uses KKR330 turbochargers, and the TTR set up used KKR380s up until now, they have just been revamped with bigger, better turbos.

Each set up has their strengths an weakesses, it wouldn't be right to say one is BETTER than the other. Why do you think APS is better? If your argument is that they are away from the engine bay/heat....then one could also argue that they are in an area that is suceptable to water and road grime/dirt/ and debrit. There are plenty of GenTT car in Ausralia running 140+mph traps.

Not trying to say the Gen-TT systems are better....just that each has it's strengths and weaknesses.
Yeah, it gets a little confusing with all the different update/design revisions they keep coming out with. I thought the "R" was the so called road race version with smaller turbos, but allowed the head lights to function.

As far as which is better engineered, that would be obvious to anyone who has seen both. And I'm not a fan of chinese knock off turbos. But to each his own.

There may be plenty of GenTT cars in Australia running 140+mph traps, but no one has come even close to that in the U.S with those kits. Don't get caught in the sales hype and don't believe everything you hear.

Sorry to the OP for the thread hijack.