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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
just listened to the conference call for fox 4 and nearly peed my pants laughing when Dana said the winner of Shogun/Vera gets a tittle shot, really? Shogun, ok, I get it, his last fight was prob the best fight in the history of mma but Vera, he's got nothing but loses lately, w/ his only win against Eliot Marshall, who most think won that fight.

just goes to show what ive been saying for the last couple of years is right, LHW is a pretty weak division, lots of big names but no real contenders, Gustaffson aside and Glover coming up quickly too
Wow, that IS ridiculous. I'm a Vera fan but not only does he not deserve to fight for the belt yet, he shouldn't even be fighting Shogun! He should be fighting one of the many gatekeepers, then, maybe get a big name, but lesser than Shogun.

I guess anything can happen though.