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Originally Posted by Tuner1984 View Post
Thanks for the heads up! Glad you didn't pay.

Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
4 threads just on the first page regarding these guys' shady business. It seems I am the only one however, that had to deal with them post sale. Oh never mind, JerezblackM3 had to deal with them post sale too and only got his products shipped when he went public on the forum after who knows how long. No update on whether he got his parts either. PYSpeed, step your game up or you're going to become the next ADV1 on this forum, if you have not already.
As previously stated, I come over from the Benz world, where there are no where nearly as many vendors. M3Post is like Walmart - everything under the sun all in one nice convenient location. With as much competition as there is here with all vendors offering the same products, one would think that vendors would do their darndest to not only offer the most competitive prices, but to also offer the best customer service to stand out from the crowd and attract new clientle. Logical? Makes sense to me, but then again, what do I know about business...I'm in healthcare