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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
The opening of the backing plate should point to the hub area of the rotor, not the rotor itself to provide maximum cooling effect. By directing air straight at the rotor, two things will limit the actual cooling capacity. 1) At speed the rotor will be spinning rapidly creating a high pressure area around the surface of the rotor in which the plates are directing air to, reducing the actual cool ambient air reaching the surface of the rotor and 2) even if it does effectively provide air to the rotor surface, it can potentially create an uneven cooling effect between the inside facing surface and the outside facing surface.

The reason why the air should be directed toward the inside of the hub, is so the internal vanes can draw the cool air out much more effectively while spinning, thus providing better cooling effect and also cool the rotor consistently. IMO that opening should be moved down to cover 1/2 of the hub opening.
It might seem difficult to tell in the images but air isnt going onto one side of a rotor but in between the rotors faces.

There are potential conflicts with ducting, suspension if the duct opening "is moved down to cover 1/2 of the hub opening". It would make running a 3" tube or even 2.5" with 275 tires difficult without rubbing. There also would be conflicts with steering the car and the manufacturability of the composite backing plate based on the available surface space of that area that would provide little to no gain in cooling performance and interfere with the design of the BMW OE Upright backing plate mounting locations.

We will have more picture off the car to show you guys what it looks like overall