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I know that post was a bit harsh. I do have sympathy for your situation. But what's done is done. I'm just speaking up because I hope you'll think a bit harder about what's the right thing to do.

Originally Posted by Evolved M3 View Post
Some people like you, can just brush off over a $1,000 loss and shrug it off.
Nope. I never said that was an insignificant amount. Not for me or anyone else. But if you can't afford to absorb a $1,000 loss if something bad happens, then you're driving the wrong car.

i was just trying to see if i can minimize my loss from this accident. Im pretty sure most people (except for yourself i guess) would like to minimize a loss on any accident.
And I support this, as long as you're going after the people or entities whose fault this was. If you would be suing Iconz, I'd salute you. But you're not.

You indicated an intention to go after the county for something that any roadworthy car should easily handle. I consider this immoral. That's basically trying to get your fellow taxpayers to subsidize you for the consequences of using unsound equipment on the roadway. They had no hand in this, nor did the local government they elected.

I'm editing this to add a final point. I did find myself in a situation where I had approximately $1000 damage to the paint on my vehicle (the Audi) caused by shoddy road patches that left tar covered gravel strewn across the highway. The roadway was unlit and there was no way to anticipate or avoid the debris until it was already showering my car. In that case, I felt the workmanship was the real issue and I did pursue (unsuccessfully) my state's department of transportation to cover the cost of repairs. It turns out my state had closed this method of accountability, so I'm left with only the political avenue (i.e. voting the bums out). And on my M3, my very first mod was clearbra.

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