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Originally Posted by 1SICKM View Post
a lot of car for the money but the build quality is still questionable. Considering the amt of HP it has and the acceleration numbers in a straight line....I'm not impressed. I do like the looks of it (exterior) but thats it. My car would walk it in any race (dig, roll on, etc).
You shouldn't be so quick with your claim. There's a better chance of you running up against a supercharged Mustang than a F/I M3 or any other sports car <insert brand/model here>. I personally would love to give your car a try with my 2010 Mustang.. and mine is a 4.6 liter.

I agree the Bimmer is a piece of art. A beautifully refined car with luxury. My Mustang can't compare in that aspect. I guess that's why I love teasing the Bimmer owners when the opportunity avails itself. Plus, most M3, M5, and M1 owners can't stand it and take the bait.
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